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Adams Brothers - Stoke On Trent
We can not over emphasise the importance of the health of the birds. The regular use of Gary Spavins herbs and tinctures ensures that our team of racers are entered into races at all levels of competition with the confidence that they have been sent in tip top condition. We regularly have our pigeons screened by Gary and would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone. If we get a problem we would contact Gary for an urgent appointment and head up the M6 knowing that the problem would be identified and dealt with a 100% success rate.
 Les Adams - Tel 07957 462378 


Pat Helliwell - Sheffield
A number of years ago I heard some good reports off several top Fanciers that Gary Spavin offered an excellent testing service and that his herbal products were second to none. It was through these recommendations that I decided to pay Gary a visit. During that first meeting I became convinced that this was the way forward instead of my usual way of treating - blindly which was costing a lot of money and creating more problems for my pigeons.I began using the herbal system and with regular screening checks my results have gone from strength to strength. I know Gary is always on hand to assist with any problem and I rate him as THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS. As he can race a top pigeon himself at all levels of competition this must give confidence when using his services.
Pat Helliwell - Herbal Essence
BHW - 14/2/14 - 3 Page Report 

Harrison & Hull - Preston
We were never in the mode of blind treating our team of pigeons preferring instead to get our birds tested via the postal testing services that were offered at the time, these included some pigeon vets that offered this service. However,  for a number of years we had not been happy with the results and/or treatments that were offered us - mainly the use of antibiotics. Our racing results were very inconsistent and when we moved house in the winter of 2003 we decided to begin afresh with a new approach to the health of our birds. We first went to Gary Spavin by way of a recommendation from Ian Pedder in January 2004 just as he had moved the business down to Lancaster. Even though we had known Gary for years we were at that time unaware of his interest in the natural holistic approach to racing pigeons. This proved to be one of the best decisions we have ever made as our results improved becoming consistently good as the birds blossomed on the herbal system and with regular health checks they increasingly won races. So much so that we won in excess of £3750 with young birds in 2005 and 3 x RPRA Awards with Old Birds in 2006. Gary's knowledge about pigeons is immense and he has helped us with so many aspects of the sport. We have total confidence in Gary who has looked after our pigeons for over 10 years now. The plus point of finally having someone screen our birds that is also a top class pigeon man is that sometimes the problem may be down to something so simple that can be easily rectified, even if he is grumpy at times because he says we aren't doing our job right at the lofts.
Janet and Dave Hull
2 x 1st open NWCC 1st open NWGN fc
1st Sect L NFC 1st Sect Bamfords Gr
Only loft in West Lancashire to win
4 x 1st SL Combine on land in one season

Jim Jack - Falkirk, Scotland
I visited Ray Ingram many years ago when I had a problem with my birds that I was unable to sort out myself. Ray not only solved my birds' problem but gave me some home truths about my blind treating or crystal ball therapy as he called it. Since then I have used the herbal system all year round and continue to visit Gary before pairing, during the racing season whenever I think it is necessary and I know Gary is only a phone call away.
Thanks - Jim Jack

Dave Mawhinney 
Dollingstown, N Ireland
A number of years ago I was not 100% happy with my pigeons' health and on the advice of Gary Spavin I paid a visit to Ray Ingram of Workington. I was extremeley shocked to learn that even though I had treated for a certain disease the problem was still present in my birds. Quite simply the treatment had not worked and I had seen the evidence of this with my own eyes. I use the herbs all year round and over the years my birds health problems have diminished. I now get them checked by Gary prior to the Season starting and I would not hesitate to get them over to Gary during the season if I was unhappy with their health in any way regardless of the distance between us or the cost involved. I can categorically say it would be money well spent.
7 x 1st NIPA upto 25,000 Birds

Ian Pedder - Garstang
It is well known that Gary Spavin and I are not only competitors flying in the same club but we are good friends. I have my pigeons regularly checked as without screening it is impossible to see if the bird has any health issues. I use all the herbs and tinctures all year round and this ensures that they are kept in good general health all year. Such is Garys integrity I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for all the help he gives me throughout the year even though I compete against him weekly.
Ian Pedder 
3 x 1st open NWGN FC
2 X 1st open NWCC   


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