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Assists in keeping the air passages in the skull bones clear, thus helping the upper respiratory tract to function correctly. 

In water 2ml to 1 pint

This tincture can also be used ‘neat’.

One small drop in each nostril usually provokes sneezing, this helping to clear the nasal passageways of unwanted caseous material, known as nareplugs, which when got rid of, helps the bird to breathe normally.

 It is recommended that all birds are nasalled two or three weeks prior to racing. 

This procedure to be carried out by two people, in order to avoid discolouration of the pigeons wattle. 

Using a small glass dropper, place 1 small drop in each nostril, leave bird for 15 minutes, then lightly press each nostril in turn. Using a swab, remove any mucous from the nasal area. Making sure the nostril area is thoroughly dry, open the beak and gently press both wattles 8 to 10 times, watching the cleft, for any mucous that may appear. The mucous is then removed by rotating the swab between the finger and thumb along the cleft in the roof of the mouth. This draws the mucous from the cleft area. 

This method to be carried out on individual birds, that are not performing as expected, throughout the racing season.

Available in 100mls and 300mls.


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