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My introduction to the natural way of maintaining my pigeons health began in 1993, when having treated for Canker/Trichomoniasis and all the usual ailments I had a screening test carried out by Ray Ingram shortly afterwards. To my astonishment my pigeons had an extremely high level of canker / trichomoniasis even though they looked healthy and had been treated with both water soluble and tablet products in the previous couple of weeks. After seeing the results on the screen at Rays with my own eyes I realised I was going down the wrong path if I wanted to carry on racing at the top level.

Since that day I have never blind treated my birds again.

 For the past 20 years I have used these Herbal Teas and Tinctures successfully on my own racing pigeons. In this time the use of antibiotics in my loft has become virtually zero. This has been achieved by using the three general health teas ALL YEAR ROUND and the use of tinctures as and when required. 

During my own racing career I have won just about everything that it is possible to win flying into the area where I live on the North West Lancashire - Cumbrian border. In the same year I was 1st Fed Rennes 414 miles, 1st Fed Nantes 474 miles, 1st Fed Niort 550 miles. For three consecutive years I was 1st Fed at both Nantes 474 miles and Niort 550 miles. I have won 1st Federation over five consecutive weeks and have won 1st prizes in open races with over 7000 birds competing plus many, many other prizes. This is not meant to be an advert for my own racing pigeons, but it is to show that I race successfully myself and would not have taken the business on and used the products on my own team without being convinced of their value.

My Own Racing Results
IN 2011 I won 25 x 1sts
IN 2012 I won 27 x 1sts
IN 2013 I Won 25 x 1sts


I have managed the business by myself since 2003 and unfortunately I had very limited time to spend with my pigeons in the early days of setting up on my own as is quite often the case. Ray Ingram had to finish racing his own pigeons when running the business due to the work load, I tried not to do the same. In the years 2003 and 2004 I only flew in 24 races but in this time I won 11 x 1st Federations with birdage of up to 2,800. Before Ray Ingram retired I would often travel to Workington to have my pigeons health screened. This was a 150 mile round trip and during the last few years when the business was still based in Workington I made this trip twice a week whilst furthering my own expertise in the diagnostic procedures. The final year before Ray retired the business was moved to Lancaster and run by myself along with Ray who at this stage took an advisory role only. Ray then retired completely and is now enjoying a well earned rest with his wife Marjorie. So you can see my apprenticeship has been a long one over 20 years. 

This combined with my own expertise in racing pigeons has meant quite often the problems being experienced by clients with their pigeons can often be sorted out by changing their management of the birds as well as addressing any health related issues

In the early years I had many clients report their racing achievements to me, in fact during the first week of racing back in April 2006 I had 6 x 1st Fed winners, 1 x 1st Amal winner and 1st Combine winner reported. As the Season progressed I had many 1st Section winners, 1st Open winners plus a CAR WINNER at National Level. This has continued to be the case in every subsequent year.

 Even though many of my clients have become close friends ( Mr Popular) all aspects of my business, consultations, usage of products, even the reporting of winners is dealt with in the strictest of confidence.

 Please do not ask me if Joe Bloggs uses our products or screening services, because, that is Joe's business. Something I personally found hard to deal with at first was that if you are good at what you do Fanciers tell nobody, preferring to keep you a secret from their mates within the sport, but if you are bad they will tell everybody. 

But always remember this.


Maintaining Optimum Health in Racing Pigeons


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