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Our Best Selling Product
Young Bird Sickness Syndrome.

Contains 15 herbal powders.

It helps digestive and nausea disorders by stimulating the flow of saliva and relaxing the crop wall guarding against crop disorders that may arise particularly in YB's.

Is proven to be highly effective against sluggish crops or stagnant crop syndrome, when given on 3 consecutive days.


5ml General Tonic

5ml Rehydration

10ml water

The mixture to be added to 20oz of corn and mixed thoroughly.

Add 3 level teaspoons of powder

Can be used on day of basketing and on return from race, or at anytime the fancier feels necessary.

 Excellent for individual birds that are not right.

 Use twice weekly for breeding pigeons.

N.B clay gallipot holds approx 10oz of corn


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